Aransas County ISD is an independent county-wide school system serving a 486 square mile area including the communities of Holiday Beach, Lamar, Fulton, Rockport and the northern part of Aransas Pass. Today Aransas county has a combined population of 23,510.

The enrollment of 3009 students is served by, Live Oak Learning Center(PPCD, K, and grades 1-2), Fulton Learning Center(grades 3-5), Rockport-Fulton Middle School(grades 6-8), and Rockport-Fulton High School(grades 9-12).

Aransas County ISD in partnership with family, student, school, and community, has high expectations for all students to be prepared to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society.

This mission is best accomplished by:

  • A vast diffusion of knowledge to all students through
  • Technology
  • Communication
  • Social and cultural understanding
  • A promotion of healthy and productive lifestyles and citizenship
  • A safe learning environment
  • A realization of maximum student achievement by fostering student academic potential and meeting individual student needs.
  • An educational system characterized by quality, equity and accountability

Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

Fulfilling The ACISD Mission

Aransas County ISD is a Recognized School District. The school's obligation to fulfill the mission begins at Live Oak Learning Center, a campus designed for the district's youngest children-early childhood. At Live Oak Learning Center, the curriculum and instruction focuses mainly on reading, writing, and mathematics through thematic units developed by the teaching staff. The school provides programs that lay the foundation for future academic achievement.

The kindergarten through second grade children attend Live Oak Learning Center and third through fifth grade children attend Fulton Learning Center. Learning takes place with a curriculum centered around reading, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, physical education and fine arts. The level of instruction is designed to exceed mastery of the Texas essential knowledge and skills.

Rockport-Fulton Middle School houses grades 6 and 8. The curriculum is taught through a teaming method which enhances teaching and learning. State assessment scores have continually risen over the past three years. Students in 8th grade have the opportunity to take classes for high school credit. The gifted and talented program has been expanded from language arts to include math and science courses.

Culmination of the learning process occurs at Rockport-Fulton High School, a 9-12 grade campus. The School offers a rich curriculum for students with diverse and varied interests. Students may choose to pursue career and technology pathways or advanced placement courses. Students are encouraged to participate in band, choir, drama, athletics, student government, UIL academic competition, and various local and national clubs. When RFHS students march across the stage on graduation night, Aransas County ISD in partnership with family, student, and community has fulfilled its mission.

ACISD History

The first public school in Aransas County was instituted in 1884 where the Rockport city water tower once stood. In 1886 a one-room school house was built in Fulton. A one-room school at Sparks Colony followed. The school met in various places and land was sought for the location of a permanent building to house the school. The land was purchased and the building completed in 1892. It was constructed at the site of present day Rockport Elementary. On May 17, 1907, four girls and two boys graduated from the Rockport High School in a ceremony held at the Bailey Pavilion, built over the water across from where the Wells Fargo Bank now stands. It was the first graduating class in the history of the school.

Between 1893 and 1949, seven Common School Districts were in existence in the county. In June of 1949, these districts voted to consolidate and became the Aransas County Independent School District.

In 1935 Rockport School was erected, now known as Rockport Elementary. In 1953, a new high school was opened at its present location on a site between Fulton and Rockport. In 1957 Fulton Elementary School opened; and in 1988 an additional building on the south side of the existing campus was completed. In September 1963, classes were opened in the new Junior High; and in September, 1967, the Live Oak Elementary School was opened. The most recent construction was Rockport-Fulton Middle School and renovations to Rockport-Fulton High School connecting the high school to the old Jr. High, creating a larger campus to service the High School students of Aransas County.

The City of Rockport

The City of Rockport, located 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi on Texas Highway 35, is the County Seat of Aransas County. Rockport was incorporated by Special Act of the Legislature of Texas Charter granted to it on May 29, 1871. Surrounded on three sides by the waters of Aransas, Copano and Port bays, a variety of outdoor activities are Rockport's appeal to tourists as well as local citizens. The charming fishing village of Rockport has been a favorite coastal hideaway for wealthy Texans since the 1800's. Visit Site

The Aransas County Public Library

The Aransas County Library was initially established through the efforts of the Woman's Club of Aransas County in 1956. The first Aransas County Library was housed in a building in Fulton donated by Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bracht. A community book drive brought in more than 2,000 books which were placed on bookshelves made from apple crates. In 1957, the Aransas County Commissioners agreed to take over administration of the library and provided a small room in the Aransas County Courthouse. By 1958, the books had been moved from Fulton and a librarian was hired. Support for the library also came through funding by the United Way, the Rockport Rotary Club, Lions Club, and other organizations and individuals. The Library was moved again in 1964. Today's modern facility located at 701 E. Mimosa was built in 1988 and continues to expand the services it can provide the community. The library automated its card catalog four years ago and in 1999 added public access to the Internet. Visit site

The Aransas County ISD Education Foundation

The ACISD Education Foundation was formed in 2001 by a group of caring and committed citizens with a vision for enhancing education in the Aransas County ISD. The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt philanthropic organization. It is governed by a Board of Directors composed of a diverse group of business, community and educational leaders. All serve without compensation. Learn More