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2020 Dual Credit Parent Power Point Presentation 


  • What is dual credit?
    • Dual credit allows students to potentially acquire college credit in high school by concurrently enrolling in a class through Del Mar.  A listing of classes is available through our course catalog online.  Requirements for the registering are listed here and the actual packet can be downloaded through this site.
  • Who can take dual credit classes?
    • Students entering 10th-12th grade will be eligible.
  • How are dual credit classes offered?
    • Our dual credit classes are online classes. Please see the course catalog for available courses.
  • Who pays for dual credit classes?
    • Students pay for the dual credit classes directly through Del Mar College.
  • What are the requirements for dual credit courses?
    • Students must be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year when they are signing up for classes.
    • Students must complete a Apply Texas application for Del Mar college.
    • Students must complete and turn in by the deadline the Del Mar official registration packet.
    • Students must be TSI ready.  Please contact the College and Career Office for more information.
    • Students must have current meningitis vaccination.
    • Students must pay for their classes prior to the payment deadline from Del Mar.
  • How does dual credit impact my rank?
    • Dual credit classes receive a multiplier, like AP classes, to offset the increased difficulty of the class.
    • Dual credit classes also impact your college transcript, as each class will also be placed on your college transcript and start your college GPA.
  • Is there any financial assistance available for dual credit?
    • Yes, Del Mar now accepts FAFSA and offers scholarships directly to dual credit students if they apply for both before the deadline.  
  • Do colleges accept dual credit classes?
    • At this time, state schools in Texas accept dual credit classes.  Some colleges outside of Texas and private universities will honor classes as well.  However, dual credit classes may not be part of the required curriculum for each major and might only count as an elective.  You will need to consult each college individually to find out their policy on each specific class as well as consulting the degree plan for your intended major.
  • How do I get more information?
    • The best option is to to contact Del Mar directly. Please contact Victoria Preece via email at or call the Del Mar dual credit office at 361-698-1896.


Memorandum of Understanding between Del Mar College and ACISD