John Speck

About Me

Born:  Fort Worth, TX

Education:  Master of Science, Educational Administration, Texas A&M University; Master of Education, Stephen F. Austin State University; Bachelor of Arts, Art and Philosophy, Southwest Texas State University.

I firmly believe that a quality education is the catalyst for success in life.  I have been very fortunate to have received an exemplary public school education, which provided a solid foundation for collegiate study.  Without skilled, caring professionals helping to grow me as a lifelong learner, I would have been unprepared for a life - a calling - to help other kids develop into inquisitive, intelligent members of our American society.

I remember all of my elementary teachers names:  Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Phelps, Mrs. O'Baugh, Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Martin, and Mr. Waller.  I will never forget them because they were dedicated and they made learning special.  Each of them were unique and exhibited their own wonderful style.  Now, it is my turn.  I am very thankful to have this job.  This is my opportunity to pay it forward and, with luck, make the same kind of impression that my former teachers did.  I truly honor them. 

Let's have a great year,

John A. Speck


My Interests

I love spending time with my little family.  We enjoy going to the beach, playing, and teaching each other to fish.  I also have a passion for the visual arts. Drawing, oil painting, and printmaking are my areas of interest.