Jennifer Jenkins

About Me

While most of my teaching friends are now enjoying retirement, I am very excited to be home at Live Oak Learning Center.  I am looking forward to building relationships and guiding our leaders of tomorrow.  I love this age as they are eager to learn and excited about going to school, yet still "babies" to this grandmother.  It's good to be here at ACISD--Rockport strong and Pirate strong!

Mission Statement

It is my desire to pour into the lives of the children that I am blessed to teach building wonderful memories while learning.

My Interests

I am a grandmother of three (the oldest is now in first grade at LOLC) and love sleepovers and tea parties with my grandchildren.  Other than my grandchildren, my time is spent working on our home (post Harvey) and organizing my classroom.  My husband and I spend our rare free time at the beach which is my happy place--especially South Padre.  Anyone who knows me for a minute soon realizes that I love kids and also have an addiction to anything pink.

Books and Links

My favorite book is "The Shack" which I have read more times than I can count.  The movie was good; however, nothing can compare to the book.  This book on the beach is a double happy place!