Brenda Pena

About Me

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This is going to be a fabulous learning year filled with exploration and experiences in World History AP and World Geography. Two of my favorite things to share and learn about, history of our world and the wonders it has to offer us.


Prior to teaching I spent 25 plus years traveling, exploring, and experiencing the diverse peoples and cultures of our world. This openness and diversity is evident in my classroom culture and all who enter are encouraged to learn without fear and to practice cultural relativism.  I believe a safe learning environment fosters experiences that students can grow with, intellectually and socially. 


My conference period/office hours are during 8th period. The best way to communicate will be via email to set up a virtual meeting/face to face meeting (when it is safe to do so).

I hold my students to high expectations. Respect of self and others, responsibility for your learning, and timeliness are keys to successes in learning. Please reach out to me for ANY reason/concern, I am here for you and I understand that sometimes "life happens" and that prevents you from meeting my expectations 100%. cool




Mission Statement

To create a safe environment where learning is done through exploration and experiences. Educating Rockport-Fulton high school students to be global citizens. 

My Interests

I love to travel. I also seek out the beach for a sense of grounding. I enjoying reading, mostly historical fiction. I do love binge watching telly, British mysteries also cop shows and of course, Doctor Who. Anime is another fav of mine.


Books and Links

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