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Aransas County ISD believes that student preparation for a productive, fulfilling life is the obligation and responsibility of the family, student, school, and community.

Rockport-Fulton High School Staff

Name Position Campus
Rhonda Mieth Mieth, Rhonda Principal RFHS
Alma Ramos Ramos, Alma Administrative Assis RFHS
Tony Graham Graham, Tony Assistant Principal RFHS
Michael Norris Norris, Michael Assistant Principal RFHS
Patricia Kenjura Kenjura, Patricia Counselor RFHS
Amy Otwell Otwell, Amy Counselor RFHS
Laurie Reed Reed, Laurie Nurse RFHS
Deborah Bleiker Bleiker, Deborah Office Staff RFHS
Sandra Gutierrez Gutierrez, Sandra Office Staff RFHS
Patricia Randall Randall, Patricia Office Staff RFHS
Ashley Smith Smith, Ashley Office Staff RFHS
Dolores Valdez Valdez, Dolores Office Staff RFHS
Carrie Barritt Barritt, Carrie Paraprofessional RFHS
Gloria Esquivel Esquivel, Gloria Paraprofessional RFHS
Elsa Gonzalez Gonzalez, Elsa Paraprofessional RFHS
Valerie Goodrum Goodrum, Valerie Paraprofessional RFHS
Anna Hawes Hawes, Anna Paraprofessional RFHS
Rhonda Jacobs Jacobs, Rhonda Paraprofessional RFHS
Yvette Lovett Lovett, Yvette Paraprofessional RFHS
Anna Manon Manon, Anna Paraprofessional RFHS
Joseph Repasky Repasky, Joseph Paraprofessional RFHS
Shelly Shindler Shindler, Shelly Paraprofessional RFHS
Katie Ledbetter Ledbetter, Katie Teacher: Art RFHS
Ryan Thornberry Thornberry, Ryan Teacher: Band RFHS
Mark Dandre Dandre, Mark Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Gwendolyn Johnson Johnson, Gwendolyn Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Nelda Mills Mills, Nelda Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Rose Rau Rau, Rose Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Lacy Seibert Seibert, Lacy Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
David Wilson Wilson, David Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Tarah Young Young, Tarah Teacher: Career & Technical E RFHS
Naomi Zamora Zamora, Naomi Teacher: Choir RFHS
Michael Vicencio Vicencio, Michael Teacher: Culinary Arts RFHS
Kimberly Clark Clark, Kimberly Teacher: ESL RFHS
Joy Cromwell Cromwell, Joy Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Alicia Garcia Garcia, Alicia Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Sandra Gusler Gusler, Sandra Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Rebecca Macha Macha, Rebecca Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Julie Manson Manson, Julie Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Lindsay Olenick Olenick, Lindsay Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Jacob Sanchez Sanchez, Jacob Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Jennifer Shatraw Shatraw, Jennifer Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Christopher Starnes Starnes, Christopher Teacher: English Language Art RFHS
Sonia Castillo Castillo, Sonia Teacher: Foreign Language RFHS
Timothy Foxsmith Foxsmith, Timothy Teacher: Foreign Language RFHS
Katia Zunigamacias Zunigamacias, Katia Teacher: Foreign Language RFHS
Nelda Blaschke Blaschke, Nelda Teacher: Librarian RFHS
Debra Fernandez Fernandez, Debra Teacher: Life Skills RFHS
Jonathan Masch Masch, Jonathan Teacher: Life Skills RFHS
Buddy Adcock Adcock, Buddy Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Harold Busack Busack, Harold Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Suzanne Citek Citek, Suzanne Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Warren Mitchell Mitchell, Warren Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Paula Polasek Polasek, Paula Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Eric Scott Scott, Eric Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Jed Wilshire Wilshire, Jed Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Robert Young Young, Robert Teacher: Mathematics RFHS
Christian Salas Salas, Christian Teacher: NJROTC RFHS
Luis Sanchez Sanchez, Luis Teacher: NJROTC RFHS
Kathryn Buckley Stephenson, Kathryn Teacher: Other RFHS
Lorraine Cameron Cameron, Lorraine Teacher: Other RFHS
Bonnie Hybner Hybner, Bonnie Teacher: Other RFHS
Emma  Price buck Price buck, Emma Teacher: Other RFHS
Jessica Clark Clark, Jessica Teacher: PE / Athletics RFHS
Arturo Elizondo Elizondo, Arturo Teacher: PE / Athletics RFHS
Morgan Hale Hale, Morgan Teacher: PE / Athletics RFHS
Melissa Reyes Reyes, Melissa Teacher: PE / Athletics RFHS
Jesus Vela Vela, Jesus Teacher: PE / Athletics RFHS
Cierra Borak Borak, Cierra Teacher: Science RFHS
Richard Flather Flather, Richard Teacher: Science RFHS
Nathaniel Hedrick Hedrick, Nathaniel Teacher: Science RFHS
Latisha Mann Mann, Latisha Teacher: Science RFHS
Donna Steinle Steinle, Donna Teacher: Science RFHS
Savannah Stone Stone, Savannah Teacher: Science RFHS
Melissa Trangmar Trangmar, Melissa Teacher: Science RFHS
Jennifer Vander pluym Vander pluym, Jennifer Teacher: Science RFHS
John Armstrong Armstrong, John Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Damien Bates Bates, Damien Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Julie Brandt Brandt, Julie Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Brian Brenner Brenner, Brian Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Ryan Edmonds Edmonds, Ryan Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Brandon Krushall Krushall, Brandon Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Mitchell Lynch Lynch, Mitchell Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Brenda Pena Pena, Brenda Teacher: Social Studies RFHS
Photo not available at user's request Luttman jr, John Teacher: Theatre RFHS
Name Position Campus