One Crew:  United with Purpose, Plan, and Promise

Hello Pirate Community:

We know this has been a tough way to start a new school year, but I assure you, ACISD is listening to you and continues to seek ways to improve your learning experience every day. We are so grateful for your understanding as we approach school a new way. With that said, the long-awaited date of September 8th is just around the corner and we want to update you with our plan.

After consulting with the County Judge and local health officials, it appears that our community is in a good position to resume face to face instruction in our buildings. 

ACISD will begin face to face instruction at our four campuses on September 8, 2020 as planned for all students who have chosen this option.  We are excited to return to some sort of normalcy and look forward to serving our students in a traditional school setting once again. We will continue monitoring cases in our community and remain vigilant to determine if closure becomes necessary in the event of an outbreak.

Please know that safety of students and staff remains a priority and I encourage you to review the student and staff guidelines for returning to school and work.   Also, rest assured that our facilities will be cleaned and sanitized regularly each day in order to provide the safest environment we can.  But, even with all the precautionary measures we have in place, each one of us must still do our part to maintain a safe environment for both students and staff.  Remember to be vigilant about doing these four things:

  1. Wear your mask
  2. Wash your hands frequently
  3. Social distance (keep 6 feet apart) whenever possible
  4. Stay home when you are not feeling well

By doing these simple things, we decrease our chances of contracting the virus and increase our chances of staying healthy and enjoying our return to school.

For those of you remaining virtual, we will continue to improve our processes and support of your learning at home. 

To those who want to change their child’s learning option, we will post a link to report this change the week of September 8th. Remember that people who have chosen face to face may shift to virtual at any time, but moving from virtual to face-to-face can only happen at the nine week transition. We will give you a two week window before the start of the nine weeks to provide that information. 

We look forward to seeing you soon, and wish you a happy and safe return to our classrooms, Pirate Nation.

Thank you for your patience and your support!


Joey Patek




ACISD serves one critical purpose: to consider the needs of every child, from our youngest to our oldest, and use every resource we have to create a learning environment that meets those needs. 

To accomplish this, we must consider physical health, academic, and social/emotional needs. We also know that taking care of students includes taking care of those who take care of them. Staff needs must be considered so they are equipped to tend to the diverse needs of our kids. Parents have been given the opportunity to choose one of the two options below. The window to choose Face-to-Face closed on August 14th. New enrollees will still be given a choice. All others will be enrolled in virtual learning (Option 2). 




Option 1:  Student will participate in daily 100% Face-to-Face (F2F) instruction following a traditional model of instruction. Campuses will follow health guidance around prevention practices, response measures, and mitigation practices.  Middle and high school campuses will run a block schedule so that daily interactions are reduced by half. 

Option 2: Student will participate in virtual learning 100% of the time with daily required  instruction.


  • We will explore solutions that prioritize staff and student health with the guidance we are provided.
  • We will prioritize student learning, whether on-campus or virtually.
  • We will be flexible and creative to address the changing needs of our students and staff. 
  • We will provide avenues for open communication so that all perspectives are considered.



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We will continue to provide updates as they are available. Remember that ACISD is special because our teachers and administrators know and care about the students in this community. However we serve your child this year, we will do it with attention to their needs.

Joseph Patek, Superintendent of Schools