Q&A Related to Daily 100% Face-to-Face (F2F) Instruction

How will attendance be handled?  We will use standard attendance procedures where attendance is recorded at the same time each day.

How will health be prioritized?  ACISD will seeks to offer an environment that aligns closely with TEA’s public Health Guidance which focuses on prevention practices, response measures, and mitigation practices. See document here. Please see COVID Guidelines for Students and Parents and Staff for district-specific information. 

Will students be socially distanced by 6 feet? We will take advantage of every bit of space in our schools to distance students as much as possible. Once we know how many students are choosing Virtual Learning, we will have more clear information regarding spacing. We will put procedures in place to stagger movement of large groups and designate traffic patterns. 

If the student is attending F2F instruction but gets sick or suspects symptoms, can the student move to Virtual Learning on the days they are at home? Yes. The student may stay home and follow the Virtual Learning attendance procedures in order to be marked present. One of the benefits of this model is that it allows students to be at home and continue receiving instruction if they feel well enough without being marked absent.  

Will students be required to wear a mask? Governor’s order requires a mask for students ages 10 and up. This will be enforced. As a district, we will also strongly recommend the use of a mask for students under the age of 10 allowing the campus leaders to address concerns of the family as they arise.

What about staff? Staff will be required to wear a mask while on campus, but campus leaders will determine the necessity of cloth masks as opposed to face shields for their staff members based on job responsibilities.  

Q&A Related to Daily 100% Virtual Learning

How will attendance be handled? Attendance will be recorded daily. Students must engage with teachers and instruction every day in order to reflect progress and be marked present.

How much time will students spend learning each day? While we are choosing a flexible scheduling day (asynchronous instruction), there will be time requirements for each day that will require approximately 180 minutes of instruction PreK through 5th grade and 240 minutes for 6th through 12th grade.

How will instruction look different from the spring? Teachers will interact with students in schedules, teacher office hours and teacher instruction will be routine and consistent clearly published for parents and students with a combination of live and/or video-recorded instruction to support different learning needs. We will support teacher growth in the art of delivering online instruction and take advantage of the benefits that Virtual Learning can offer with more time to plan and execute lessons well.  

General Q&A:

What is my last opportunity to make a change regarding the option for my child? Returning enrollees' last opportunity to request F2F was August 14, 2020. Parents may choose to go virtual at any point but need to notify the campus. 

How will grades be handled? We will return to our standard grading procedures pre-COVID closure. 

Can we switch back and forth between models? F2F students may go online at any time but will not be eligible to return to F2F except at the beginning of the next nine weeks unless they were home for illness and returning symptom free. Online students may choose to go F2F but only at the beginning of the nine weeks. Notification must be provided to the school two weeks in advance. 

How can we track positive cases in ACISD? Updates will be made regularly on the ACISD website. 

Can a student choose the 100% Virtual Option and still participate in extracurricular activities? 

If the student chooses virtual, he/she will not be able to attend classes during the school day pertaining to the extracurricular activity (i.e. band, athletics, choir, etc.). Students may still participate in these activities before and after school.

How will technology be handled in the fall? Every student, whether F2F or Virtual, will be allowed to bring his or her own laptop/Chromebook/etc. or be issued their own personal Chromebook. Students will not share devices. ACISD will also work with families who do not have Internet access. 

How will bus transportation be handled? We will provide ACISD bus transportation, but we do encourage families who can carpool or provide transportation to do so to reduce the number of students on each bus. We will publish our safety guidelines for buses, but we have limited options on social distancing depending on the number of students who ride. 

How will food services be handled? We are currently working on a plan that reduces contact and opportunities for students to mix in large groups. This may mean students eat in smaller groups or even in their classrooms depending on age and availability of space, but these decisions are still being discussed.