ACISD Board Goals and Priorities
Effective School Year 2019- 20

Goal 1: Continue to analyze staffing patterns for maximum efficiency.

Superintendent Priorities:

  • Maintain staffing levels that are adequate and efficient to meet the District’s mission.
  • Superintendent will provide a staffing report to the Board of Trustees at the November 2019 and January 2020 school board meetings. Subsequent updates will be provided as needed.

Goal 2: Create a District culture of Pirate Pride.

Superintendent Priorities:

  • Increase salaries for professional staff for the 2019-20 school year for better retention.
  • For the purposes of the 2019-20 school year, the Superintendent will conduct a local calculation of the ACISD turnover rate.
  • A culture of Pirate Pride involves all staff, students, parents, and community in creating pride in ACISD.

Goal 3: Establish an instructional climate of high expectations.

Superintendent Priorities:

  • With accountability measures in place, allow flexibility for campus level administrators to implement instructional programs and practices that best serve the students on their campus.
  • The calculated “overall score” for the district under the state’s adopted A-F accountability system will increase by 2 points from an 84 to 86 by August 2020 with the goal of reaching a 90(A) by August 2022.
  • The percent of students (K-2) meeting the grade level norm standard RIT score in both reading and math will increase by 5% on the NWEA MAP Growth evaluation by August 2020.
  • Create a plan with central office staff and campus Principals to identify areas of concern in student performance and set measureable goals for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 school year. A report will be provided to the Board at the October board meeting.

Goal 4: Continue to practice an effective District-wide communication plan.

Superintendent Priorities:

  • Communicate to the public regarding ACISD programs, accomplishments, and plans through a minimum of four (4) FAQs per school year. Superintendent will report to the Board responses to the FAQ presentations.
  • Through the use of various social media tools, the District will communicate with the public regarding topics of high interest.

Goal 5: Maintain a safe school environment that addresses safety practices and includes meeting the emotional needs of staff and students.

Superintendent Priorities:

  • Increase the number of staff involved in “active shooter training” and other external threats.
  • An annual report will be made to the Board regarding safety measures taken in District facilities.
  • Analyze the number of reported bullying incidents for the past three years and focus counseling accordingly.
  • The Superintendent and appropriate staff will investigate and provide information to the Board about programs that are available to provide support to students and staff for their emotional needs and following traumatic incidents.

Goal 6: The District will increase the number of students who graduate as College, Career, or Military ready as defined by the state accountability system.

Superintendent Priorities:

The number of students who successfully achieve the college-readiness designation will increase from 56% to 61% by 2022 through:

  • completion of 9 hours of dual credit,
  • scoring a 3 or better on an AP exam,
  • completion of CTE coherent sequence,
  • qualifying performance on an SAT/ACT/TSI assessment,
  • enlistment in the US Armed Forces,
  • attainment of a recognized industry-based certification, and/or
  • attainment of workforce readiness designation.