Aransas County ISD's District Educational Improvement Council (DEIC) serves as the district level site-based decision making committee. The Texas Education Agency defines site-based decision making as follows:

Site-based decision making is a process for decentralizing decisions to improve the educational outcomes at every school campus through a collaborative effort by which principals, teachers, campus staff, district staff, parents, and community representatives assess educational outcomes of all students, determine goals and strategies, and ensure that strategies are implemented and adjusted to improve student achievement.

In compliance with state law, ACISD has established a DEIC whose membership includes professional staff, parents of students enrolled in the district, community members, and business and industry representatives.

Each year, district improvement plan is developed, evaluated and revised by the superintendent and the DEIC. The purpose of the district improvement plan is to guide district and campus staff in the improvement of student performance for all student groups and to attain state standards for the state academic excellence indicators. The district improvement plan must be supportive of the objectives of the campus improvement plans and must, at a minimum, support the state goals and objectives for education which are identified in Chapter 4 of the Texas Education Code. 



DEIC Members

DEIC Members Community Members, Parents, Business Reps Ad Hoc Members
Nelda Blaschke Avita Gandy Molly Adams
Linda Cox

Kimberlie Jones

Jessica Robbins
Ashton Davis Courtney Sanchez Rose Tran
Paula Dean    Yvonne Mundine
Monah Gisler    
Andrew Glaus   Principals
Leslie Glenn   Denise Poland (LOLC)
Shelly Henderson   Melissa Pittman (FLC)
Bridget Johnson   Christina Spears (RFMS)
Hailey Ngo   Rhonda Mieth (RFHS)
Mike Norris     
K'Trina Saegert    
David Wilson    



September 2020