Google Earth    

   Google's satellite imagery-based mapping product, represents, in essence,

   the whole world on a student's computer. It enables users to "fly" from space

   to street level to find geographic information and explore places around the

   world. Google Earth is basically a 3D model of the entire planet that lets you

   grab, spin and zoom down into any place on Earth.  It is a great resource for all

   subject areas, K-12.  The following blog has google earth lessons plans that

   can be searched by subject.


   Google Docs & Spreadsheets    

   Google’s free web-based word processor and spreadsheet that can be helpful

   to you and your students.  It allows you to create basic documents and

   spreadsheets by scratch (Office not needed), upload files, invite others to look

   at your documents, and choose who can edit your documents.  You can track

   and compare revisions.  If your students turn in papers here, you could edit?

   and comment on them online.