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Dr. Soto and Mrs. McLeod

Posted: 05.24.2021

Local Eye Doctor Leads FLC Fifth Graders Lessons

Local Rockport-Fulton eye physician Dr. Nichole Soto led class discussions and dissections of preserved cattle eyes at Fulton Learning Center on Thursday, May 20th, 2021.    Dr. Soto purchased the preserved cow eyes for all 5th-grade students at FLC to observe and dissect during their regular science lab times.    


Students were first led through a discussion of basic eye anatomy using models previously purchased with grant funding from the Texas Medical Association.     Thank you again, TMA for your help!

Fifth Grader Disecting Cow Eye
Thank You, Dr. Soto!


Dr. Soto learned of the students' study of the eye and volunteered to purchase the preserved eyes and then lead dissection lessons with 5th-grade students during their regular science lab times.    This is the 7th year in a row she has helped out the science dept at FLC by purchasing the eyes and volunteering a full day at the school.    


Many thanks go out to Dr. Soto for helping our students to understand how our eyes create images and for sharing what the profession of being an eye doctor is like.   Several students are definitely considering careers in the medical field.   


We love and appreciate you Dr. Soto for your devotion to the students of FLC!!!