David Wilson

Rockport-Fulton High School

Welding Teacher EXT.2096
RFHS Dept Phone: (361)790-2220

About Me

My last assignment while still in the Navy was that of a recruiter . My area included a large part of the coastal bend area including Rockport. The majority of my Naval career was spent as a welder so naturally I gravitated towards the industrial trades classes at the various campuses that I visited. In my second year of recruiting I established a close working relationship with the welding teachers at Rockport Fulton High School. I assisted them in setting up eye safety training classes for their students and showed them different processes of welding using different teaching styles. At this point I still had not even thought about becoming a teacher. Towards the end of my third year as a recruiter I was coming to the end of this assignment and nearing the point of which a decision had to be made to stay in the Navy and further my career or retire after twenty years of service. During this period of time I received a call from one of the industrial trades teachers of Rockport Fulton High School to let me know that the welding teacher position had opened up and that he thought I was the perfect fit for that position. I jumped up from my desk and headed out to the school. It became clear to me that I wanted this opportunity to work closely with these high school students and not only teach them a craft but also to utilize my experience in the Navy to teach them how to be successful adults. 



My Interests

Fishing, hunting and cooking!!!

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