Colleen Russell

Live Oak Learning Center

1st Grade ELAR
LOLC Dept Phone: (361)790-2260

About Me

WELCOME! I have been teaching in Rockport-Fulton Middle School for two years and enjoy all the beautiful personalities I'm introduced to each year. I grew up and lived my whole life just down the street in glorious Ingleside until this summer when I became a full Rockport-Fulton Pirate!  I have three hairy children Noodle, Izzy, and Pickles who keep me busy during my free time, and I couldn't be more happier than spending my weekends with family and friends. I truly enjoy taking a stroll down the beach or the all the trails Rockport has to offer, and I'm always traveling to new destinations to see the beauty of the world.

Mission Statement

My mission is to instill a mindset that teaches children they have the ability to do anything and everything they put their mind to. I want to show them they are important in this world, and to have a positive image of themselves while seeing their value. Also, teaching them the important tools to be successful in any aspect of their life by enhancing their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.  Last but certainly not least, I want them to find that passion in life and strive for it. 

My Interests

I honestly love to learn about the unknown, and you'd be suprised all the interesting facts I have learned from my children. I also enjoy being outside whether it be hiking, swimming, or just exploring the beautiful scenery of Rockport. The deep ocean and all the creatures that haven't even been found yet really interest me, and just learning new things I haven't yet discovered. I'm a huge, beyond belief, animal lover!

Books and Links