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Rockport-Fulton Middle School

Middle School Art
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Welcome to Art!! I'm glad to have you here!


I'm Ms. Spencer, I've been teaching at Rockport-Fulton Middle School for four years. I graduated from Texas A&M Corpus Christi in 2014 with my Bachelor's in Fine Art.

I've loved art all of my life. My dad was the one who first got me interested in art. I remember getting large pieces of paper or poster boards and drawing with him. He was my first art teacher. In high school I decided to study art and making art my career. After high school, I went to college first to Texas State Technical College, where I got An Associates in Advertising Design and Print. Then I later went to Texas A&M Corpus Christi; where I graduated in 2014 with my Bachelor's in Fine Art.

I continue to paint and draw in my spare time. Art is one of those subjects that no matter how good you think you are there is always something new to learn, to try, and experiment with.  


Google Class Codes:

1st Period: dlkywqd

2nd Period: ojrizeb

3rd Period:kjz4jrr

4th Period: 3el5r5b

5th Period: io2pzqc

6th Period: rryt3mc

7th Period: svylj7o


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"I want to make beautiful things, even is nobody cares."-Saul Bass

Mission Statement

Inspiring students to embrace their creativity, and develop an appreciation of Art.