Kimberly Lawing

Information Systems

District Instructional Technology Coordinator
IS Dept Phone: (361)790-2033
Phone: 361-790-2052
FAX: 361-790-2034

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About Me

I provide instructional and technical support for campus based technology, and staff training in the use of classroom technology. I have a B.A. in Mathematics and Computer Information System from TAMUCC. I have extensive experience in computer software application and support including maintenance of technology hardware; course development, curriculum development; and scope and sequence development.  I am energetic and I strive to positively influence the lives of students and educators.  I view my work as problem solving experiences that I am blessed to be able to enjoy.

Teaching with Technology allows for open ended exploration, hands on learning, and critical thinking.


SCHOOL PHONE:  790-2052

Mission Statement

To teach educators to integrate technology into the classroom curriculum to cover a range of standards within one project.

For example a Web Quest can cover TEKS in the academic areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Technology.  Technology changes the educators role from engaging in mainly direct instruction, to becoming a facilator of learning. Technology allows the curriculumn to be centered around the students, adapting to each child's learning styles, learning preferences, and interests. 

My Interests

To learn something new each day and to be actively involved in as many projects as it is humanly possible at one time.  I do not want to miss a thing; I might learn something new. 

Books and Links

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