Martha Mcleod

Fulton Learning Center

3rd - 5th Grade Science Lab Instructor / Coordinator for Science Programs
FLC Dept Phone: (361)790-2240

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About Me

I was born and raised in LaSalle County on a farm/ranch.   My dad, a grandson of German immigrants, was a great inspiration to me and set an example of what a hard work ethic should look like.  He often worked from dawn until dusk to provide a quality living for my family.  He also taught us to appreciate and respect the natural world outdoors.   Both of my parents encouraged us to always give 100% in any endeavor, especially in our academic studies.  I followed my parents' example of working hard and graduated valedictorian from my high school class.  I went on to graduate with honors from Texas A&M University with a bachelor of science degree in animal science.   Later, I received my teacher certification and biology specialization from West Texas State University.  My husband, Scott, is a Texas game warden here in Aransas County.  My daughter Katrina graduated from RFHS in 2004 and graduated from TAMU in 2008 with a bachelor of science degree.  She was accepted into the Coast Guard Officer's Academy in CT and became a pilot for them.  She is currently stationed in Miami, Florida.   She appeared in the first episode of "Coast Guard - Mission Critical" on The History Channel this summer.

I have been teaching science in Aransas County ISD for 27 years.   I believe students learn best from a hands-on approach.   Therefore, my classroom reflects this ideology with an abundance of tools and specimens for students to use.

I have extended science learning to the outdoors by setting up a variety of vegetable and wildflower gardens.  We are able to maintain and add to these gardens with our aluminum can recycling program.   If students bring in aluminum cans, they are allowed to babysit a lab pet.  Funds from this program go into our gardens and our bird hatching program.

Mission Statement

My mission as an educator is to instill a love and understanding of the world around us.   Students learn best when they get to taste, touch, see, hear, and smell the scientific concepts I want them to learn.   I try to always link the knowledge we are learning to each student's own life and make it applicable to them.

My Interests

I LOVE the outdoors!!   Birding, hunting, fishing, gardening, kayaking, biking, jogging, and raising poultry are my main hobbies.    I cannot tolerate sedentary activities at all; I am always looking for new projects to set up that would be interesting to both me and all of my students while teaching them valuable life lessons at the same time.

Books and Links

FLC Science Programs



Google Classroom code   y56fntg


FLC science students are on Native American Seed web site!


Our campus won the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's Environmental Excellence Awards in 2011 and our science programs were recognized in 2017.  Click on this link to see our winning activities: 


Our birding teams were filmed for the TPWD Great Texas Birding Classic at this link: